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be healed, be better.

You are an exceptional woman.

You deserve to break the generational cycle of emotional silence and abuse, and find true healing.

Hi there! I'm Christina Golden.

I work with women who want to heal and redefine their present story. As a certified Life, Health, and Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach, I’ll help you create a roadmap for emotional empowerment and generational change by understanding your own life, your mother’s, and your grandmother’s life, recognizing that they’re all connected.


Within family structures women are often made to believe that they can only become what others deem appropriate or acceptable. Being told how to THINK, what to DREAM, and how to FEEL. These ideals can be transferred from generation to generation, ultimately limiting one’s own self-identification. Together we’ll discover how prior generations have impacted your life, in order to redefine your present story, as well as the story of all the future generations to come.

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