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Hi there! I'm Christina Golden.


The Better Day Coach



I started Better Day Coaching because I can empathize with the feeling of yearning for change you believe will never come. I know what it is to be alone in a pain that is visible to others — yet no one offers to hear you. So you begin to silence yourself — to silence your own pain.

At times, all I needed was encouragement, guidance, or a sign of support. Often, I didn’t receive any, so I took this journey alone.   

It’s important to me that you know that you don’t have to take your journey alone.

Let me partner with you on your journey to healing.

I created Better Day Coaching for women to be heard without judgement. Judgement separates us, and many of us already feel separate from our core relationships. Let’s honor who we are and still connect with our loved ones without sacrificing what’s true to us. As you heal through this process, you can live in fullness.



After being raised in an emotionally and physically abusive home where fear and confusion ruled my life, I left home as teenager, seeking to create a better life. I struggled with how to do it when so much of what I was taught was unhealthy and destructive. I started by removing myself from the unhealthy environment, creating self-discipline, insisting on safety, and continuing daily self-care. My life has led to this path where I can be of benefit for women who ENVISION redefining their story for generations to come.

I believed better days would come, and I have been able to break the generational cycle of emotional silence and abuse, and find true healing. I want the same for you, because you are an exceptional woman, and you deserve to Be Healed, Be Better.


I do this...


for the woman who was silenced as a young girl or may currently believe her voice is muted. I will tell you now, it’s not. We shall hear you!

for the daughter who has lost connection to her mother, and the mother who has lost connection to her daughter. Let us journey together, to connect one another.

for the mother who envisions creating a new family structure for her children. A structure where the thoughts of children are promoted, the dreams of her children are unbounded, and the emotions of her children are allowed.

for the women seeking to redefine their present and future story, and generations to follow.

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